Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant’s weird acts are ghosting contestants in the house

Rajasi Nagwekar
·1-min read

Bigg Boss is a journey of planning, plotting and emotional breakdowns at times. The Bigg Boss 14 journey is experiencing ups and downs each day. Now when all are accelerating their performance in the show, few are spicing up the BB’s house atmosphere with their dramatic touch. One of them is Rakhi Sawant. Ever since she has entered the Bigg Boss house she is coming up with new tactics of entertainment.

This time in the latest teaser she can be seen possessed by a ghost. Her weird acts are scaring everyone in the house. Arshi Khan and Jasmin Bhasin seems to be more sacred by her. It is to be seen whether she is pranking everyone or it is a task given to her by Bigg Boss.

Right after the show, actress Kamya Panjabi tweeted, “Pura epi ek taraf aur kal ke epi ka precap ek taraf #RakhiSawant tu kaha thi ab tak…Maar hi daala.” Soon, several users comment on her post. One user wrote, “I am scared after watching promo.”

While another one wrote, “I think usko koi task mila hai. But sach me dar laga aisa lag raha tha koi toh real me aa gaya udke ander..”

Rakhi as usual had left no stone unturned in entertaining the audience with her game strategies or weird acts in the house. Stay tuned to know what is Rakhi actually going through.