Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat's Friend Sudhir Sagwan BLASTS Nikki Tamboli For Misbehaving; Says, 'She Must Be Abusing Her Parents Also'- EXCLUSIVE

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In yesterday's episode of Bigg Boss 14, we got to see a big fight between Nikki Tamboli and recent wildcard contestant Sonali Phogat. Nikki, who has been addressed badtameez by the housemates and show's host Salman Khan went on crossing the line once again during the argument with Sonali Phogat.

It all started after Nikki kept a box of her food near Sonali's bed and Sonali asked her to pick that up as soon as possible. In reply, Nikki told her she will pick it up later as she is removing her makeup now. Sonali then threatened Nikki to throw that box on her bed but Nikki didn't pick the box and left the room. After which with the intention of teaching her a lesson she went and kept those boxes on Nikk's bed. Fuming with anger entered the bedroom and started accusing her for disrespecting the food. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: After Rashami Desai Blasts Aly Goni- Jasmin Bhasin, Rubina Dilaik- Nikki Tamboli Talk About Respecting The Former BB Contestant- Video Inside

During their heated argument, Nikki went on calling her 'ghatiya aurat'. Also, continued to say that because of this behaviour of hers, nobody gives her bhaav during Weekend Ka Vaar and added 'isko nikaalo ghar se bahar'. ALSO READ:Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya's Mom Calls Rubina Dilaik 'Authoritative'; Feels Nikki Tamboli Can 'Betray' Her Son

Nikki's behaviour has irked Sonali's close friend and advisor Sudhir Sangwan who has blasted her in an interview with us and said, "Nikki kept her used plates near Sonali's bed which is not right. We Indian's always keep their used plates near the wash basin to clean it and if it's a disposable container then throw it in the dustbin. It's a normal ethic. If you keep a used box near somebody's bed definitely it will start stinking after a time and if Sonali told her to pick up her own used box then what was the issue? Nikki purposely started creating a scene by repeatedly saying a no which ultimately pushed Sonali to do that. But after that the kind of words she used for Sonali is something any sensible person will not say. Using words like ghatiya for a lady and coming from a lady, is extremely disappointing."

He went on saying, "If Nikki doesn't have respect for women at least she should have respected her age. Sonali is so much older to Nikki, after all. She has way more experience than Nikki, not just in this industry but also in social life. She presents Vidhan sabha and fights elections. She is 23 and doesn't know how to talk with people. Pata nahi uske ghar waalo ne koi sanskar diye hai ya nahi diye hai. She must be abusing her parents also like this at home, when she is behaving like this in front of 120 crore people."

He added, "She was accusing Sonali for disrespecting food and then herself called halwa 'gobar'. It clearly shows she has no respect towards anything. Her only startegy to be in the game is start fighting with the strongest player and get highlighted, which she eventually did with Sonali in last night's episode. I wonder how her family tolerates her."

Image source: Instagram/nikki_tamboli

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