Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat's Friend Sudhir Sangwan Blasts Rubina Dilaik, 'Uska Attitude Rehta Hai Ki Vo Bigg Boss Mein Boss Hai'- EXCLUSIVE

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Sonali Phogat, who is an actor, tiktoker and politician recently made an entry in Bigg Boss 14 house as a wild card contestant. The controversial show witnesses fights and arguments on a daily basis, however, Sonali was seen away from all this till last night's episode. In yesterday's telecast, we witnessed her getting into an argument with Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni.

It all started, after the lights were switched off. Sonali Phogat continued to talk to Arshi and rest of the contestants also continued talking. Rubina Dilaik, who is very particular about her sleep timings asked everyone to keep quiet but no one listened. Eventually, she got up and declared that since she was being disturbed and the entire house had decided to not support her, she would not support the house for one week. “This is my way of doing it, I will not do any work for an entire week". After which a huge argument took place inside the house as Aly and Rahul Vaidya came in Rubina's support and told Sonali that she should have not disturbed her and others sleep. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14's Sonali Phogat On Life After Her Video Of Thrashing A Man With Slipper Went Viral: 'I Was Abused, Trolled, Might Have Ended My Life'- EXCLUSIVE

Now, Sonali's political advisor and family friend Sudhir Sagwan spoke to us exclusively and blasted Rubina Dilaik for her bossy behaviour in the house. Sagwan said, "It was a New Year's night and everybody has their own way of celebrating it. But I really didn't understand why an issue was created by the housemates, especially Rubina when Sonali wanted to wake up for some more time and talk to Arshi Khan. I also follow the show and have seen people talking to each other till late night but no one has a problem then. Rubina ka attitude rehta hai ki vo Bigg Boss mein Boss hai. Vo jaisa kahegi ghar waisa chalega. But aisa mumkin nahi hai. All are equal inside and have the liberty to stay their own way." ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Ahead Of Weekend Ka Vaar With Salman Khan, Rubina Dilaik's Fans Call Her 'Boss Lady'; Get Her To Be The Top Trend On Twitter

He went on saying, "Her attitude and body language is not at all appreciable. She thinks she is the only right person in the house which is not right. Forget about other housemates, she doesn't even allow her own husband to do things of his choice and keep bossing him all the time. It shows her personality. There are people who tolerate her but Sonali is not someone who will take this attitude. If she feels something isn't right, she will speak for herself. Aly and Rahul also jumped in to support Rubina which was not required. They are doing these things just because her personality is coming out strong and they want to suppress her."

"Sonali had asked me for advice if she should participate in the show as she has two careers to manage and I was in the favour of her going. I felt it would be beneficial for her political as well as acting career. She is a confident lady and strong also. But things we see on TV screens are different from what they are in reality. We don't know the person you like seeing on screen will behave with you when you are inside," says Sudhir.

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