'Bigg Boss 14': Here’s Why No One Should Mess With Nikki Tamboli

Abira Dhar
·1-min read

Nikki Tamboli is a popular face in the Telugu and Tamil film industry. The actor, who is a participant on Bigg Boss 14, says the show was offered to her last year but because of prior commitments, she couldn't take it up. But this time she had to say yes.

So what could you do to get on the wrong side of the actor? Tamboli tells The Quint that she is short tempered and doesn't like anyone touching her make-up, perfume and clothes, and if anyone does then she will surely create an issue in the house.

The actor reveals that while she is very particular about cleanliness, she herself is not okay with cleaning washrooms. Looks like she is going to create quite a stir inside the house. Watch the video to know more about Bigg Boss participant Nikki Tamboli’s quirks.

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