Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Day 50 Written Update - Raju Talikote Is The New Caption Of The House

Waiz Ahmed

The Monday episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 begins with RJ Prithvi's departure. Priyanka and Bhoomi Shetty continue to iron out their differences. Raksha Somashekhar is upset and seen crying over a comment made by Kuri Prathap. At around midnight, while Vasuki Vaibhav's having his dinner, Chaitra Kottoor passes a few snide comments that irk Vasuki.

Day 50 in the glasshouse begins with music as usual. Chaitra seems to be in a sarcastic mood and is seen venting it out over the housemates. Bigg Boss soon announces the captaincy task where the nominated contestants are supposed to break the most planks with a metal ball. The contestant with the best time score would be declared the new captain. Deepika Das, Raju Talikote and Priyanka give their best but Raju Talikote wins the task. The new captain, Raju receives a bouquet and a gift from Bigg Boss. He also receives a voice message from his family.

Chaitra and Vasuki are seen getting into an argument all over again. Bhoomi accuses Chaitra of being sarcastic and condescending. Soon the entire house is seen pitching in, making Chaitra understand that she needs to not think of everything as a personal attack. Captain Raju advises the two warring factions to stay away from one another.

Bigg Boss asks Caption Raju to select two contestants for the upcoming luxury budget task who would be heading the teams. Raju selects Chandana and Priyanka. The housemates are soon divided into two teams with the help of flowers. Bigg Boss also adds that there won't be any nominations this week. But the losing teams in the luxury budget task would get nominated later in the week.

On completing 50 days in the house, Bigg Boss announces that there are letters from the family members for the housemates. They would be able to procure these by completing a group task. Alas, not everyone could succeed in the given exercise with only Chandan Achar, Deepika Das and Bhoomi qualifying to receive the letter.

Soon the letters start dropping in a mailbox. Chandan breaks down and is seen sobbing while reading his letter. Bhoomi is disappointed to not have received a letter from her estranged family. Priyanka is seen crying as she couldn't win her letter. Everyone is seen pacifying Priyanka and making her laugh. Raju is surprised to receive a letter as he did not qualify but is seen satisfied for having received it any which ways.

The 50th day on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 was undoubted, high on emotions. It would be interesting to see what kind of drama ensues in the house tomorrow with the commencement of the weekly luxury budget task.

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