Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Day 57 Written Update – Chandana Is The New Caption Of The House

Waiz Ahmed

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 begins right after Raksha Somashekhar's eviction. Chaitra Kottoor is seen sobbing after having survived the elimination. The housemates are seen consoling her. She believes that she is letting her supporters and well-wishers down. Shine Shetty and Vasuki Vaibhav are seen telling her to start afresh again this week whilst burying their long-standing hatchet with Kottoor.

Day 57 begins with music and all the contestants seem to be in a chirpy mood. Chandana Ananthakrishna is seen directing Kishen Bilagali and Chaitra in a romantic song. The housemates are all seen enjoying the act during breakfast.

Bigg Boss soon announces the captaincy task. Chandana, Kishen, and Chaitra are in the running for this week's captaincy. The task involves each candidate to hold a crown to their pictures with a sword while keeping their hands straight. Chaitra's the first to exit and soon Chandana is announced as the new captain of the house. Bigg Boss sends her a gift and a bouquet. This is followed by a message from her mother. The housemates are seen congratulating the new caption.

The nominations process begins with most contestants taking Bhoomi Shetty's name for having cost the house 1800 points in the luxury budget task last week. Vasuki and Shine are next in line for having used sign language in the house. Ex Caption Raju Talikote is nominated by many for the poor decisions he took last week. Chaitra is nominated by many for her erratic behaviour. With Chanchan Achar already being nominated, Bigg Boss asks caption Chandana to directly nominate one housemate and she takes Kishen's name. This does not go down well with Kishen. He is later seen discussing the same with Deepika. On the other hand, Deepika also helps Kishen and Shine iron out their differences that had crept in during last week's task.

The list of candidates nominated this week includes Bhoomi, Chaitra, Raju, Shine, Vasuki, Chandan and Kishen respectively. With the luxury budget task commencing tomorrow, it will be interesting to see what will transpires in the house.

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