Bigg Boss Malayalam comes to an end, Mohanlal informs contestants about coronavirus

mohanlal bigg boss malayalam

Mohanlal hosted Bigg Boss Malayalam has come to an end due to coronavirus.

The contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam on Friday were informed about the gravity of coronavirus outbreak across the world. The show's host Mohanlal went inside as the bearer of the message: the second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam will be suspended.

The contestants had remained isolated from the world for about 75 days. Usually, the participants of this reality show are locked inside a well-equipped house completely cut off from the outside world. And the showrunners make sure that they don't learn any new information about the things that happen outside the premises. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 is an exceptional case and the contestants cannot be kept in the dark amid a global pandemic.

Mohanlal explained the crisis briefly underlining the fact that the country has nearly gone into lockdown to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. "Everything is stoped, closed or postponed," he told the contestants.

"Indian producers' association, television association and other unions have stopped working," he added. "We will have to temporarily stop the show as an example."

Mohanlal assured the contestants that the showrunners got in touch with their family members and all of them seem to be doing just fine. "There is no need to panic," he said. "Just take precautions: wash your hands, cover your mouth while you cough."

The Lucifer star also noted that the housemates will get further information about the outbreak from the producers of the show.

"Our show is a big hit with Malayali audiences across the world. This show was really enjoyed by everyone. You will see the support and fan following for this show outside. We're forced to suspend this show when it is at peak of the popularity," he said.

"When we say, this show is a reflection of the society, we should begin it from here," he added.

Mohanlal handed all 10 contestants a trophy and celebrated with them by cutting a cake.

The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam went on the air on January 6, several weeks before WHO defined COVID-19 as a pandemic.

It is worth noting that the current season of Bigg Boss Malayalam faced some unprecedented challenges. An outbreak of eye-infection affected all most all the members in the house. Contestants like Parikutty, Sujo, Alessandra, Rajith Kumar, Reshma, Raghu, Alina and Daya were evacuated from the house for medical attention and were later allowed to join the show after the treatment.

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