Bigg Boss Tempted Karan Oberoi To Recount His Recent Horror And This Is What Happened Next- EXCLUSIVE

Having had a horrifying time in the recent past when a girl accused him of rape that made him spend over a month in jail, TV star and the Band Of Boys musician Karan Oberoi was a perfect ingredient to make the upcoming season of Bigg Boss spicier. I mean, why would Colors (Bigg Boss broadcaster) not try to rope him in? So the call was made (with a lot of hope of course). But did Oberoi accept the offer?

No, he did not. Now you may ask why. Well, Oberoi has never been a fan of shor-sharaba of any sorts. And till date, he maintains his privacy. Oberoi has spoken about his trauma to the media and if at all he wants to elaborate, he would rather write a book about it. 

Oberoi is a very private person. You will find him using almost all his spare time in his Andheri flat, either toying with a new tune or lyrics, or immersed in reading and writing stories. We hear, the man has big plans of being an important key member of the OTT platform and is fast setting up the stage for that.

Okay, so how did he react to the bait? After all, you aren't paid peanuts for Bigg Boss. has it that Oberoi asked for an amount that was jaw-dropping. Smart! Didn't want to go up on national television for publicity (many contestants do this show to acquire limelight) and what better way if you are of the type who find it difficult to say an upfront 'No'.

Phir? Phir, kuch nahin. Just that, Colors closed its ears in disbelief and went scurrying back! End of the story.

Image Source;- instagram/karanoberoiofficial/colorstv

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