The biggest bag trends of 2019

Shambhavi Dutta
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For the maximalist dresser, there are beaded bags and those who appreciate vintage can carry the baguette. (Photo: Instagram/ Designed by Gargi Singh)

It is time for celebrations, and we're ready to end the year with a bang, or bag! But before you buy one, take a look at the biggest bag trends that had everybody hooked in 2019. This year, it wasn't about price or luxury — but the shape, materials and size, speaking more about what women want, and also making a statement that fashion rules no longer apply. Leading the charge with their runway collections, high-fashion brands run the gamut from beaded bags for the maximalist dresser and baguettes for those who appreciate all things vintage.

Here are the five styles we spotted everywhere, and which you too should consider adding to your collection.

Belt bags

They say comfort scores over fashion and mind you, belt bags top that category. While we always have a desire for handbags that offer convenience, it essentially started out as a cool street style look that was later elevated for a sophisticated audience. Transcending from a youthful moment to offering chic practicality, have no fear, the belt bag is still cool. If you don't have one, it's time to make place for it in your wardrobe as it's more refined than ever.



Miniature bags

This year, while iPhones got bigger, sneakers got chunkier, and earrings got wider, handbags got smaller. When Simon Porte, the designer behind Jacquemus, first introduced the ‘Le Chiquito’ bag, there were only two models in his Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection, holding tiny bags. And yet, they made an outsize impression. The trend set the fashion industry on fire. And while belt bags to an extent did focus on functionality, clearly this trend didn't go on the same lines. Rather, the high price tag and air of exclusivity were its main features. Comically small, the bag was immediately declared “ridiculous,” with claims like it could only fit one Tic-Tac or a single Air Pod. But not all were haters and it shows.


Net bags

Crochet outfits first hit the high-fashion scene in September, when Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors and 3.1 Phillip Lim showed at New York Fashion Week. Whether you are searching for a casual tote to bring to the beach or simply a semi-fancy one for the dinner, there are enough crochet solutions to meet every desire.


Carrie Bradshaw and Fendi’s Baguette bag — name us a more iconic duo. Shooting to fame with its appearance on Sex And The City, the humble baguette, named after its likeness to the French bread, has well and truly made a return in 2019. Thundering down memory lane to a time when jeans were low-slung and crop-tops were in plentiful supply, it was the must-have accessory for every teen in the early 90s. The baguette is indeed a fun style, super playful yet feminine and certainly an understated elegance that goes easily with a broad range of looks. Take a look at how it took 2019 by storm.

Beaded bags

The bag market this year was flooded with more choices, meaning that popular purses no longer have to boast four-figure price tags or have overwrought styles. Proof of this shift can be seen in the beaded bag takeover that began last spring and carried over into 2019 and became bigger than ever. Undoubtedly, it’s the perfect accessory to elevate a casual jeans and t-shirt look or to make a statement on a night out. Walking around with a bag made up of jewels sounds a bit extra, but most of these outfit add-ons are generally unassuming and easy to wear. It doesn't end here, they'll remind you of your childhood while also making every outfit slightly more sweet (especially if it has cherries on it).

Bucket bags

If you do not know what a bucket bag is, allow us to simplify it — the Indian potli took 2019 by storm. The bucket bag’s popularity remained strong this year with the pail silhouette. While it shares the same attractive concept of its predecessor, the bucket is a typically oversized bag with a cavernous interior for containing as much or as little baggage as you prefer to carry around and its structure is more defined. Take a look at these cutesy bags.


Which bag would you like to add to your collection?