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South Africa: Creamy Balayage Hair Color

"South African ladies are all about low maintenance at the moment," said Kim Hickman, master colorist at the Carlton Hair Salon in Johannesburg - and that applies across the board. That means people are getting cuts above the shoulder, but with lots of texture and movement.

"Balayage is still a huge trend moving through SA, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. There are many variations of it, but we are seeing a huge movement toward babylights with the balayage. With blonds, this is a big one. We are doing less toning, so creamier, brighter, clean blonds - less of the silver or ash we saw last year."

The Biggest Hair Trends Around the World Right Now, According to the Pros

The late Anthony Bourdain once said, "Travel isn't always pretty," and for the most part - like when you're staring down at a plate of feral pigeon in Cairo, Egypt, as one does - that is true. The exceptions, and some of the most breathtaking moments, come instead when you're walking the streets of a new city, taking in the local traditions, architecture, and (because, we're beauty editors here) hair trends.

Truth is, you can find inspiration everywhere. The effortless, model off-duty hair in Paris. London's creamy shades of blond that could rival the milk they pour in their tea. If it's haircut or color ideas you're looking for this Fall, and you can't quite wait until JetBlue's next flash sale, we've asked the pros ahead for the next best thing: a full trend forecast from pros around the world. Because after all, Bourdain also said your body (and therefore your hair) is an amusement park, so you might as well try something new - and enjoy the ride.