'He Is The Biggest Liar': Zaan Khan Lashes Out At Hamari Bahu Silk Producer Jyoti Gupta's 'I Am A Victim' Statement- EXCLUSIVE

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The on-going Humari Bahu Silk non-payment controversy is taking a new turn everyday. A day back, Jyoti Gupta, one of the named producers in the tussle, released a statement clarifying that he was just a line producer on the show and that he has been dragged in the controversy for no fault of his. The man had given out a long justification explaining how he got involved in the matter. 

And now, we spoke to Zaan Khan about his clarification and also asked him what's happening with the case and if they have recieved any payment till now. Excerpts from the conversation below:

We hear that the problem has been resolved and you all will be getting your cheques soon? 

It's not true. We haven't received any call from the channel or producers side stating that we will be getting our money back. All what we know is J.D.Majethia and Amit Behl are trying to speak with the authorities and I am extremely thankful to them for doing so. They are honest people and are tying to sort this issue out. 

One of the producers- Jyoti Gupta has called himself a victim and also claimed that he was just a a line producer...

He is the biggest liar I have ever come across in my entire life. A line producer doesn't have the right to sign cheques and make payments. We have received cheques carrying his signature- these are cheques amounting to Rs 25 Lakh. All of us know that only producers have the right to clear financial matters and issue cheques. 

Go on... 

We have nothing to do with what is going between these two producers or parties. They are just playing the blame game so that time passes by and everyone forgets the matter and ultimately they don't have to pay. He should feel ashamed to call himself a victim. There are 60-70 people who are making videos just to clarify that he is the one producers and not a line producer. I was so frustrated reading his so called, 'my side of the story' as it was a complete lie from the first letter to the last. 

How has your family and relatives reacted to this matter?

They are shocked. People who have always been mesmerised with the glamour of the industry are calling me and asking, "Kya producers aise hote hain? Kaam karvake paise nahi dete?" They are finding it ugly and I am feeling extremely bad as because of such producers the whole producer community is being looked down. I have worked with many producers before, like Four Lions, Balaji Telefilms, Sphere Origin, Fireworks and have never faced any problem in terms of money.

Has the crew received any kind of help meanwhile?

The haven't paid people who don't know to operate phone and Internet properly. They are the ones suffering the most as they don't even know whom and how to reach out. There are people calling me and saying Zaan Bhai paise dilva do and I am feeling so helpless. I just want to request to them, please reach out to every individual and clear their payments. Because just two days back, the channel has told us that it will not make the payments directly and will hand it over to the producers, who will eventually pay us. Now, we don't want if again they will take the money and not give it to us. From last 7 months we are just getting assurance that we will get money and nothing has changed, condition is still the same. 

As an actor do you fear that after producers may get wary of working with you in future?

I don't think so. We are fighting for our hard earned money. We are not making any allegations on producers and we aren't demanding to ban them. We are just asking for our payments. What I know is if you are a good actor and your conduct is good, any producer will cast you. I know there are actors who go through all this and don't talk about it, fearing these same reasons but it is high time they should come ahead and talk and demand for what belongs to them. This is another real #metoo movement for actors. Manmeet has lost his live and I don't want any other person in the industry to take the same step. Let's talk before its too late.

image source:-instagram/zaan001

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