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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: $100 million

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged to give $100 million to help 'strengthen detection, isolation and treatment efforts; protect at-risk populations; and develop vaccines, treatments and diagnostics'.

Billionaires, multinationals are donating to fight coronavirus

A dreaded pandemic is upon us. And now is the time when those who can afford to give more to the world are mobilising their finances to help fight Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As confirmed cases of coronavirus rise around the world, billionaires, multinational corporations, and fashion houses and conglomerates are contributing towards the mighty cause of combating the disease.

The Coronavirus can not only potentially wipe out a part of the world’s population, but can also wreak havoc on the global economy. Hence it is imperative that the world’s rich contribute their dollars to help authorities find a remedy and minimise damage.

Take a look at who’s contributing and how much to what institution.