Binge Or Cringe? Inside Edge 2 Review: This Vivek Overoi-Richa Chadha Starrer Will Literally Keep You On The EDGE Of Your Seat

They say in our country, there are only 2 religions- Bollywood and cricket. Imagine what would happen if the two get together? We get Inside Edge. The second part has been released after 2 years.

To begin with, the trailer is lit AF but is the series equally lit? Let's find out. Well, Inside Edge 2 manages to keep you hooked. The makers have used easy references that we often get to hear in cricket, politics and media conversations. While Aamir Bashir as Bhaisahab may seem like an odd choice, but the first 12 minutes of the opening episode will convince you that he's the man for the character!

The tussle between Vayu and Arvind is another interesting dynamic of this season.The dialogues of the show have been written very skilfully.

It's essential to introduce twists in good stories at the right time, and in this case, the episode itself begins with lots of twists. The show is quite good. It has all the ingredients needed to deliver a hit. This show has action, drama, romance, comedy, power tussle. While sometimes, all these ingredients can result in a distastrous dish, it doesn't happen with Inside Edge 2. Also, we would like to mention that Amit Sial is pretty underrated as a performer as he delivers the best scene of the series!  So poignant, so powerful, so impactful!

Fantastic build-up to the final episode! Formulaic and engaging! Full timepass! Totally Bingeworthy. Finally, Vivek Oberoi's character in the series can be described as HOOD HOOD Dabang!

Image Source:- instagram/sapnapabbi_sappers, youtube/ amazonprimevideoindia

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