Bingo releases statement after receiving criticism over ad

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Bingo releases statement after receiving criticism over ad
Bingo releases statement after receiving criticism over ad

20 Nov 2020: Bingo releases statement after receiving criticism over ad

Popular chips and snacks brand Bingo recently faced heavy backlash after posting an advertisement featuring Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.

The ad ended up upsetting many fans of Sushant Singh Rajput, who thought it was aimed at mocking the late actor.

After receiving flak, Bingo has released a statement clarifying that the commercial has nothing to do with Sushant.

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Clarification: Bingo says 'false message is being spread'

In the statement, the brand, which is owned by ITC Limited, stated that the ad does not mock anyone and those calling it out are making an attempt to spread false information about the brand.

The company also claimed that the ad featuring Ranveer was shot in October 2019, but released this year as the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the launch of its products.

Fact: 'Such kind of erroneous messages are spreading falsehoods'

"A completely false, erroneous and mischievous message is being posted/circulated alleging that an advertisement of Bingo is making fun of a late Bollywood celebrity. Such kind of erroneous messages are knowingly spreading falsehoods," an excerpt from the statement read.

Statement: 'Request you to not fall prey to such posts'

The company said in the statement, "We request you to not fall prey to such mischievous posts. The recent Bingo advertisement was shot more than a year ago in October 2019."

"It is being aired this year because of the delay in the launch of (the products)," it added.

Notably, Sushant passed away in June this year, months after the ad was purportedly filmed.

Controversy: What was the ad all about?

The said ad features Ranveer, busy munching on a packet of chips while attending a family gathering.

During the gathering, relatives and elders can be seen pestering Ranveer's character with questions about his future plans.

Ranveer, irritated by the queries, responds by using complex scientific terms.

However, Sushant's fans have claimed that the ad took a dig at the late actor's affinity with science.

Criticism: What was the criticism surrounding the ad?

While the ad in question did not mention Sushant, it managed to upset the late actor's fans due to the use of scientific terms like paradoxical photons and algorithms.

Fans trended #BoycottBingo on Twitter, asking the brand to take the ad down.

While Bingo did not withdraw the ad, it disabled comments and decided to hide the likes and dislikes under the official clip.

SSR: Many stars faced the wrath of Sushant's fans

Sushant passed away by alleged suicide on June 14.

It has been alleged time and again that the rising movie star was a victim of nepotism and bullying in the Hindi film industry.

Angry fans of the actor have targeted major production companies and star kids.

Popular directors and actors like Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt were incessantly trolled after Sushant's death.