Birthday Special: 5 Times BTS RM Inspired Us To Live And Love!

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RM, BTS Leader Namjoon is everything GOALS, and we don’t just say that because he is a BTS member but even for being a person with the heart of gold!

BTS Namjoon, has always inspired us with his wise words, may it be through his songs or his words spoken during award ceremonies or one of his most moving speech, at the UN! However, not just words but RM, himself has given us GOALS to live by!

A man with wit, wise words and ofcourse the relatability of making us realize the most important lessons- Live and Love! Well, here’s how he does it effortlessly:

1) His Songs:
Already thought about, written about a hundred times, BTS writes their own songs and even produces them on their own most of the times. Something that makes them just as more raw and real! However, RM has knack of saying the most needed words at the right times. May it be his mixtape that has beautifully crafted rap-songs like Moonchild or his raps in BTS album i.e Love Yourself: Tear. RM just knows how to make you realize the true essence of love and life!

2) His Speech:
RM has a way of taking away your heart’s pain, and tell you the exact words you were undeniably searching for throughout your life. From being healed by his words to pondering on his words- he achieves it all from us and his fans (ARMYs). One doesn’t has to go far, his UN speech against being someone else, living as someone else and rather questioning our identities, our dreams, the very galaxies that surround us while making us realize how important it is to live as our real selves and finding them has left a lasting impression!

3) His Actions:
Something as simple as encouraging small artists, or the ones not quite covered for their skills by the mainstream media to encouraging big ideas like Love Yourself! RM loves diverse cultures, from roaming through the world while meeting new people to knowing about their culture and understanding its roots. From accepting these many communities, faiths and people to giving out the ultimate message that cherish not just the world but yourself! After all, we all wait for someone to tell us that it’s okay to love yourself!

4) His Leadership Skills:
While many would say RM is very much easygoing on his members, it is also one of his ways how showing his own trust within them. He believes that he isn’t the only one who can keep the group together, he os indeed a true leader as he allows each and very member to put in their own touch of effort! From Jin caring for the members like the eldest, to Jungkook and Taehyung keeping the vibe lively and always fun. However, he is undeniably the very backbone of BTS, from being their unconditional support to always guiding them through their struggles. After all, life isn’t about competitions, envy, insecurities or surviving.

5) Environment Conservationist:
RM is a lover of parks, greens and everything nature. He is a man who unwinds from his hectic schedule by riding a bike alongside a river. Simple things, small actions make RM special, for it is these simple acts that help us grow and change our perspectives about the world around us- like how ARMYs all over the world have to save earth in as many as they can! From celebrating their b-days through multiple fan projects that are all about social good and development to planting trees, or cleaning beaches- This is what RM has inspired millions of ARMYs, take care of the world we live in, breathe in, so that the world can take care of us!

Well, isn’t this man just the literal definition of GOALS and everything we’ve ever wanted in life!? We wish Kim Namjoon on his 25th Birthday, all happiness and success in the long run. We Purple You, ALWAYS!

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