Birthday Special: Govinda’s Power Pact Performances And Dance Moves Are Pop Culture’s Cult Classic Of The 90’s

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Ace actor Govinda turns a year older today, however his films, songs and dance continues to entertain us even today. Although he did struggle in his early days, but he is the actor who in his career has done several films which were consecutive hits and since then never looked back. His journey is inspiration for many. The actor has his peculiar skills and talent which can be seen in his dance to his acting and dialogue delivery.

Govinda has always been known as a dancing hero. And why not? He has always had those electric moves, which make you dance to the beat of the song. No wonder, when the common’s man hero would appear onscreen, the crowds would cheer in ecstasy of entertainment. The spectators knew that they could enjoy the next 2-3 hours easily and that they had received their money’s worth.

On the occasion of his birthday we take a look at some of his dance songs which entertains and makes us tap our feet even today!

Ek Ladki Chahiye Khaas Khaas- Kyun Ki Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta(2001)

In this number, you see Govinda and Sushmita shaking their leg to a peppy number. This racy song is in perfect co-ordination with Govinda’s moves. And yes, Sushmita Sen also matches the dancing God step-to-step

Stop That- Gambler(1995)

Not only is the tune catchy, the lyrics are extremely spicy and funny. On top of that Govinda’s dance moves are totally in sync with the storytelling inside the song. His comic timing is even seen in the dance.

Pak Chik Pak Raja Babu- Raja Babu(1994)

Another of Govinda’s solo dance numbers where he imitates Jackson to the core and delivers a solid performance which will certainly make you and me stand up and applaud the king of rock and roll.

Aa Aa Ee Ee O O O O- Raja Babu(1994)

Govinda’s chaplin-ish style with a unique dress combo and the cuteness of Karisma leaves you in a sense of awe of the onscreen couple. Govinda’s pelvic thrust and feet movement are like a gazelle even in a total different outfit and he wonderfully combines the western dance moves to desi music.

Kisi Disco Mein Jaayein- Bade Miyan Chotey Miyan(1998)

Disco and rock and roll are Govinda’s forte. With splendid in-the-house moves, Govinda and Raveena set the dance floor on fire.

Akhiyon Se Goli Maare- Dulhe Raja (1998)

Akhiyon se goli mare is yet another popular song of Govinda. Audience loved this song back then and even today. It is a song anyone can groove on.