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Sridevi as the ultimate master of disguise

Sridevi as Charlie Chaplin.

Sridevi as the ultimate master of disguise

She has has stunned us with different avatars, time and again, in her career spanning close to 50 years. With her last release, Mom, which was her 300th film, she showed us yet another shade of her acting abilities. In the movie, the way a sad, angry, makeup less Sridevi threatens the villain, saying, “Kya bol rahe the tum log? Bula apni maa ko? Lo aa gayi uski maa!” And boy, the scene is enough to send shivers down your spine. She proved her mettle as an actress quite early in her career by picking as many challenging roles as she could – that of a journalist tracking down a vigilante, twin sisters separated at birth with polar opposite personalities, a mentally challenged woman, an enchantress, a fairy trapped in the mortal world, and my favourite – that of a snake woman in love with a mortal man. Many of these roles required her to adapt a whole new look, and all her avatars are as iconic as they can be.

In her superhit film Mr India, Sridevi went undercover as the goofy-yet-smart Ms Hawaa Hawaai, and was one step ahead when it came to saving the world while posing as Mogambo’s pawn, and did some goodwill as Charlie Chaplin too. Check out how she has donned disguises like a pro, over the years.

– Bollywood Life