Holy rumors, Batman! DC Comics may be introducing a black Caped Crusader

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Christian Bale as Batman in 'Batman Begins' (Photo: Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection)

Idris Elba is already the black Superman; now we’ve got to start thinking about which actor will don the cape and cowl to play the black Batman. (Still looking at you, Michael B. Jordan.) Online rumors are suggesting that DC Comics is planning to introduce a new Caped Crusader in 2020, one who will embody the changing complexion of superheroes that has resulted in the fresh and exciting takes on familiar characters we’ve recently seen on both the big screen and in the pages of comic books. The news comes even as Robert Pattinson has been announced as putting on the utility belt for Matt Reeves’s relaunch of the Batman feature film franchise, due in theaters in 2021.

Of course, Sony’s Oscar-winning hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse showed how two (or more!) different versions of a beloved hero can exist side-by-side in multiplexes. And Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming Joker movie currently exists outside of established DC Extended Universe continuity — a path that future Batman-adjacent movies could follow.

But the prospect of a black Batman onscreen is still several years away. In the meantime, all eyes will be on DC Comics as the publisher potentially lays the groundwork for this new Gotham City citizen. It’s worth noting that there is already an African-American member of the larger Bat-family: Duke Thomas, who made his debut in 2013 during Scott Snyder’s run on Batman. Originally joining the army of Robins featured in the We Are Robin story arc, Thomas trained under Bruce Wayne himself and later adopted the identity of The Signal.

Duke Thomas as The Signal (Photo: DC Comics)

Despite his history with Bruce, Thomas will not be the character who replaces Gotham’s wealthiest resident as the city’s protector. It’s also unlikely that it’ll be David Zavimbe or Luke Fox, both of whom wore the mantle of African-American hero Batwing for a short while. Instead, rumors suggest that a new face will inherit the Batcave and all of the wonderful toys contained within. DC Comics hasn’t commented on these reports, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from filling the void.

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