Blogger Sayan Bakshi gives us the daily dose of motivation through his “orange epistles”


Sayan Bakshi, Instagram influencer and blogger, popularly known as The Orange Epistles, is a must follow on Instagram and Facebook @theorangeepistles. Sayan’s blog and Instagram feed is totally drool-worthy and a must follow. He’s named is blog The Orange Epistles, because he ardently believes in happiness and inspiring his followers. Just like the warm and happy color ‘orange’, he believes his posts, images and videos are like happy letters or ‘epistles’ to his audience. And, we think that’s very thoughtful and we can’t resist ourselves from following him right away.

Bakshi’s feed and blog has featured more than 200 brands from arenas of fashion, lifestyle, travel, fitness, grooming, motivation, experiences and entertainment. For your daily dose of happiness and motivation, follow Sayan on Instagram and Facebook @theorangeepistles

Instagram and Facebook, being the most used social media apps, you should make sure that you follow all the right people out thehandsome and talented young man out here, is definitely not a miss!