Taylor Swift called out for reaction to Golden Globes loss

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Taylor Swift hit a sour note at the Golden Globes this evening.

The pop country crooner, who was up for Best Original Song for her tune “Safe and Sound” recorded for "The Hunger Games, was called out for her bad reaction – on camera – when she didn’t win.

The award went instead to Adele, for her ballad, “Skyfall,” for the James Bond movie of the same name. Twitter quickly heated up, with comments on Yahoo! scolding Swift for being a sore loser.

On Yahoo! live chat, the commenter Impressive_girl posted,
“Taylor Swift needs to learn what it means to be a gracious loser. She's officially gets the award for this year's ‘Elton John’ moment. “

Yahoo! writer Jason Sickles added, "Someone needs to teach Taylor Swift the McKayla thing!" The singer is officially on notice to practice her poker face.

Swift wasn't the only one caught looking less than pleased on camera, as Tommy Lee Jones wasn't cracking up at Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's presentation.

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