Blink and you’ll miss it: ‘Fresh Guacamole’ snags unusual record at the Oscars

Mark Deming
Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog

Adam Pesapane may not have won an Oscar Sunday night, but at least he's a part of Academy Award history.

Pesapane, an animator who make films under the moniker PES, was up for the Best Animated Short Subject award for his film "Fresh Guacamole."

Pesapane's cartoon lost to "Paperman," a short produced by Disney Animation that earned a theatrical release in tandem with "Wreck-It Ralph." But no one can say Pesapane is a time-waster -- it turns out "Fresh Guacamole" is the shortest film to ever be nominated for an Oscar, clocking in at one minute and forty seconds.

For perspective, this means you could watch "Fresh Guacamole" fifty-six times in the same duration it takes to watch the shortest movie to win Best Picture, "Marty" which comes in at a mere 94 minutes.

A witty stop-motion short, "Fresh Guacamole" follows a pair of hands preparing a snack from hand grenades, poker chips, baseballs, and other inedible objects. Pesapane's own hands star in the picture.