David Arquette hijacks Oscars press room

Meriah Doty
Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog

Fun fact: Yahoo! Movies' assigned seat inside the Oscar 2013 press room was next to none other than... David Arquette!

Arquette initially said he was covering the Oscars for Sirius Satellite Radio. But, after a little prodding, he later revealed to Yahoo! that he's good friends with Howard Stern and is filing reports for his show. "They asked me to do it for Howard 100 News."

The assignment -- surprisingly -- has a lot to do with his current love life: "I'm dating a reporter," Arquette told us during a break in the show. "It's an interesting world for me."

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When the 41-year old actor was called on to ask a question, the entire roomful of reporters turned their attention to him, suddenly realizing that Arquette was in the house.

The hundreds of reporter were further flummoxed when Arquette got his question out -- about Oscar-caliber contraceptive. "What are you most excited about in your Oscar gift basket? ... There are condoms in there!" Arquette asked Best Animated Short Oscar winner John Kahrs, who won for "Paperman." Arquette then offered to take the Oscar condoms off Kahrs' hands.

Arquette's joke was met with silence and some faint groans. He later told Yahoo!, "The moderator has stopped calling on me, so I think I may have offended some people."

Arquette also pointed out during his allotted question that, hey, he's an actor, too, launching into some character voices, and indicating he's available for work.

Finally, the "Scream" star revealed he was an Academy Awards virgin. Said Arquette: "This is my first one experience anywhere near the Oscars."

After this performance, we wonder if it will be his last.