Exclusive: Kelly Osbourne confirms ‘I’m not engaged’

Meriah Doty
Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog
Kelly Osbourne at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards

E!'s "Fashion Police" host -- and self-proclaimed big mouth -- Kelly Osbourne shared a lot with Yahoo! Movies on Friday. We mostly discussed red carpet style and hilarious behind-the-scenes awards show moments, but the 28-year-old celebrity also took some time to dispel some serious rumors... and ignite some others.

Reports were spreading last month that Osbourne had become engaged to vegan chef Matthew Mosshart. The two have been dating for about a year, but it turns out those reports were false, Osbourne told Yahoo! Movies exclusively, saying definitively, "I'm not engaged."

Osbourne then giddily started her own rumor -- that she is working with Disney on a few top secret projects. Is it something for television, movies, other or both? "I can't say," she said -- more, like, sang -- unable to contain her excitement, adding that she's only allowed to say that she's working with them and isn't at liberty to discuss further details because, "It's more than just one thing."

Busted, Kelly! We know that at least one of the projects is for the Disney Channel. You tweeted it yourself!

"Ten years ago, did you ever think I'd be a Disney girl? Now I work with Disney... My life has changed so much. It's crazy."

Here's how our engagement rumor conversation went down:

Meriah Doty: We are very curious if you are going to debut your engagement ring at the Oscars...

Kelly Osbourne: I'm not engaged.

MD: Okay.

KO: I'm not!

MD: It's a totally false story?

KO: Yeah! The thing is, if I was engaged, I'd f---ing tell the entire go-da-- world! I wouldn't wait. It wouldn't be two weeks before Christmas and then wait until the end of January before people find out. I have a big mouth! And when it's about me, I can't keep anything about myself secretive because I know that... it doesn't work out in my favor.

Look for our full, fashion-centric interview with Osbourne in the week leading up to Oscar night (February 24).