What’s next for Oscar-nominees Anne Hathaway and Bradley Cooper?

Danny Bowes
Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog

At least two actors are avoiding the classic post-Oscar "what next?" trap, Fandango reports. Nominees Anne Hathaway and Bradley Cooper are close to lining up high-profile, prestige followup roles that, should they (perish the thought) not win on February 24th, look like potential future Oscar fare.

Hathaway is looking to follow her acclaimed turn as Fantine in "Les Miserables" with another entry in what's increasingly looking like one of the great theater-geek resumes of our time, as the lead in a new film version of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." The adaptation is by screenwriter Abi Morgan, co-writer of "Shame" and creator of the BBC series "The Hour," and will be in a modern setting.

Cooper's next role looks to be a bit farther down the road, in the World War I thriller "Dark Invasion." The fact-based film, about the first attack by a foreign power on US soil in 1915, will star Cooper as a New York City police captain who figures out a way to repel the German forces. The book on which the film is to be based is still unpublished, so the film should follow a bit later.

Both Hathaway and Cooper have already-finished movies set for release soon, with Hathaway's voice work in "Rio 2" coming to theaters in 2014 and Cooper's "The Place Beyond The Pines" due to bow this March and "The Hangover III" due to hit theaters this May 24th.