Seth MacFarlane’s most offensive Oscar jokes

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog

We all knew Seth MacFarlane, creator of the often off-color "Family Guy," wasn't going to tell knock-knock jokes at the 85th Annual Academy Awards. But we doubt few were prepared for the number of potentially offensive jokes MacFarlane tossed into the audience. Because no bad joke deserves to be forgotten, a recap of six of the most awkward.

7. That joke about Mel Gibson.

MacFarlane joked that "Django Unchained," a film in which the N-word was repeated dozens of times, was based on some of Mel Gibson's old voicemails. The joke might have worked had it been told in the immediate wake of the Gibson scandal. But in 2013, it felt like a one-liner that had been in the freezer for far too long.

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6. The whole "We've seen your boobs" song and dance.

During his opening monologue MacFarlane did a song and dance number with some help from the Los Angeles Gay Men's Chorus. MacFarlane sang an original tune called "We've Seen Your Boobs" in which he points out all the Hollywood actresses who have gone topless in films. This wasn't too offensive, just way too fifth-grade for the Oscars.

5. The "Ted" Jewish joke

MacFarlane’s CGI  teddy bear “Ted” puppet made some jokes in a Mark Wahlberg segment, claiming he was Jewish. “I was born Theodore Shapiro and I would like to donate money to Israel and continue to work in Hollywood forever.”

4. Hitting on Sally Field.

Sally Field is a stunning woman and an accomplished actress. So why would she agree to appear in a skit in which she's hit on by Seth MacFarlane dressed like the flying nun? We kept wishing Field's "Smokey and the Bandit" costar Burt Reynolds would show up and slap MacFarlane. Maybe at the after-party.

3. Pretending to mix up Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy.

During another opening monologue skit, MacFarlane said that he loved Denzel Washington in the "Nutty Professor" movies, which, of course, starred Eddie Murphy. The joke's intention may have been to be self-deprecating ("Aren't I a dang idiot?") but came across as simply idiotic. Cue the boos from the audience.

2. The one about Abraham Lincoln.

While speaking about "Lincoln," MacFarlane said that several other actors had portrayed the legendary 16th president. But the one actor who really got "into Lincoln's head" was John Wilkes Booth. After the boo birds came back out, MacFarlane joked that the quip was still apparently too soon.

1. The joke about Chris Brown and Rihanna.

While waxing about "Django Unchained," MacFarlane said that the film is a movie where a woman is subjected to violence, or as we call it, a Chris Brown & Rihanna date movie. Using instances of domestic violence as a set up for a rim-shot style quip? Never a good idea.