Surprising ex-flames of Oscar stars: George Clooney, Ben Affleck and others

Yahoo! Movies staff
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The dating habits of Hollywood's Oscar hunks are both alarming and refreshing once viewed under Master Matchmaker Steve Ward's microscope.

Guess which Oscar nominee has the love life that fits the description of "a modern Bruce Wayne." Hint: He has dated a slew of celebrity A-list women, and was once married to a television star.

But there's one celebrity bachelor who bests that Bruce: It's George Clooney. He's been dating in Hollywood for 30 years, and his little black book is filled to the gills. His longest relationship to date… was with a pig (which he got while in a relationship with Kelly Preston — longtime wife of John Travolta).

As for the guy who earns the title "Mr. Perfect" -- that honor goes to Ben Affleck. Watch the video to see why Ben is best and learn more about the dating habits of these Oscar hotties.