Video flashback: Best Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence stars in 2009 music video

Wendy Geller
Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog

Jennifer Lawrence fans were set all abuzz this week when the Silver Linings Playbook star touted her now-infamous 2005 spot for an MTV reality show. Turns out, however, that the actress had another not-so-well-known cameo prior to the Hunger Games franchise opening the door to fame.

Check out this 2009 clip from pop-rock band Parachute for their tune “The Mess I Made.” See anyone familiar?

Although it appears that Lawrence and the band’s lead singer, Will Anderson, have genuine chemistry—the two are apparently just friends. Anderson explained her casting in the video in a 2009 interview with Teen Hollywood: “She's on a show called The Bill Engvall Show and she's got some great movies coming out.,” he noted, adding that they are good buddies. "She's awesome.”

In 2011, when Lawrence was an Best Actress Oscar nominee for her role in Winter's Bone, Anderson reiterated that the relationship was platonic: “I’m really lucky to call Jenn one of my good friends,” he told Teen Music.

Too bad; the pair just look so cute together, don’t you think?

Lawrence’s next project, the second installment in the Hunger Games series Catching Fire, is scheduled for a November release. Parachute put out their sophomore album, The Way It Was, in 2011.