‘Audience will be satisfied’

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Says Poonam Pandey about her bold character in her debut film ‘Nasha’. More

Poonam Pandey is having sleepless nights. Her tweet reads, “Tweethearts! Yaar Tenssion aa gaya ... cudnt sleep Last night. .. Just just 3 days to go 26th July,”. For the uninitiated, Poonam’s debut film Nasha is hitting the screen this week. For someone who has yet to prove her mettle, the starlet has 4,07950 followers on twitter. But there is nothing random in the economics of being Poonam Pandey. Apart from her strategist, she has a team of 17 people (including two lawyers) who manage her website and social networking sites. In a candid chat, the motor-mouth starlet talks about her debut film and her role.

Excerpts from the interview:

In a recent interview, you had mentioned that you rejected few offers before taking up Nasha. What attracted you to the script?

My gut feeling said that this is the right script for me. It is important for me and my viewers to have a good time. I really want to show my talent and this is the right platform.

Looking at the promos, it seems that this film is erotic in its content. Are you not scared of being typecast?

I don’t want to stick to films with only bold content. I believe in serving variety. As an actor, I am confident that I am capable of doing different roles. Right now, I would want to wait for 26th July and see if the audience appreciates my efforts.

Tell us more about your role in ‘Nasha’?

Just imagine what will happen if Poonam Pandey becomes a teacher? Well, that’s what I am doing in the film. The film is about an 18-year-old boy who falls for a 25-year-old girl. Here, I am doing all the hard work, which men are supposed to do. As if I am almost raping the guy (laughs). But I am sure the audience will come out satisfied from the theatres.

After a stint as a model, how did you end up in this industry?

I have grown up watching Hindi films. When I was 4-5 years old, I used to wrap around my mother’s sari and dance in front of the mirror. Now, my dream is coming true.

So are your parents ok with your public image?

Honestly, whenever I go home, I end up in a fight with them. They don’t like my bold image and are always angry about it. They think I will never mend my ways. They have to learn to accept me the way I am.

So how do you manage your social networking account?

Everyone is on twitter now but it depends how you use it. This is the biggest platform and it can make or hate your image. I have 17 people in my team and they are the ones who manage my website. Before uploading any content, I always check with my team and my lawyers so that I donot get into legal hassles.

Does criticism bother you?

Till now, I have received more positive response than negative but then you cannot stop people from criticizing. Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hain kehna (laughs).