‘Can’t afford to pay Stephen King’

Sayoni Sinha
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Vikram Bhatt on his film and why he can't make films on Stephen King's books

"I am more into Blairwitch Project and Paranormal Activity kind of cinema than Exorcist, Evil Dead type. For me, fear has to be unknown than on your face, " says the self-confessed Stephen King fan. This is Vikram Bhatt's most ambitious project and the director is leaving no stone unturned to promote the film which marks the return of Karisma Kapoor.  From releasing the part of the film online to hopping to different cities for promtions, Vikram is going all out this time. It took him three years to elicit a positive response from his leading lady but like he says, "it was worth the wait". After making the first horror 3D film 'Haunted', the director is ready with his period thriller 'Dangerous Ishhq' which is also in 3D. But Vikram is quick to dismiss the hype saying, "3D is just an enhancement and the story itself is the main hero". Inspired by Dr Brain Weiss' bestseller 'Many Lives, Many Masters', the film is about a woman's journey into her past lives to solve her present life problem. In a free-wheeling chat Vikram tells us about his film and how past life regression actually helped him understand his problems too

Excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to make 'Dangerous Ishhq'?

When I read Dr Brain Weiss' 'Many Lives, Many Masters', I was intrigued by the concept. The book is the true story of his young patient who went through pass life regression which changed both their lives. In his book, Weiss writes that people who love or hate you are there with you in all your different births, in different forms. That was the starting point and this is how 'Dangerous Ishhq' came into being.

You have said earlier than 'Dangerous Ishhq' wasn't written for her. Why did u approach her?

I was trying to persuade do agree for this film for three years. As a director, it is important to me who plays the main character as that is the make or the break point for the film. I had to be sure who is doing the film before I finalized my screenplay.

What were the challenges in making the film?

Since the film is based on four-five different eras and different time periods, we had to extensive research for each period. Even the costume had to be in place for each era. Thankfully, we had a team to do the research.

What was the idea behind making Dangerous Ishhq in 3D?

3D cannot be the basic idea, it is just an enhancement. The idea itself is very interesting about a woman whose fiancé is kidnapped and she has to find him in less than 24 hours. The key to his kidnappers lies in her previous births. So the film is intercut between her past lives and present.

Have you ever done past life regression? What revelation did you have?

I believe in past life and have done it myself and I have learnt how to regress. During regression I was shocked to know that I was a Chinese boy who had died of suffocation and this is why in my present life, I have asthama problem. I was quite surprised with the link my present problems have with my previous births.

You have a fascination for the supernatural? What kind of films do you enjoy?

I have lot of favourites. I am more into books than films. I am a huge Stephen King fan and in films, I am more into films like Paranormal Activity and Blairwitch Project than Evil Dead.

So do we see you making a film on a Stephan King book anytime soon?

Oh no, I can't afford to pay him and now with stringent copyright laws, getting inspired also doesn't work anymore.