Today I taught Emily how to prepare rice pudding

Eva Rihani
Cooking With My Mom

There is nothing better than mixing rice with milk, it brings back memories of when my grandma used to prepare this lovely dessert in huge quantities so all the family members can enjoy it, as well as friends and neighbours. 

She used to place it on a big tray.  That copper tray, the smell of cinnamon, mistica, and the picture of layers of rice pudding hiding between the orange jam, which was only prepared at home by her, it used to fill the whole house with such a rich aroma.

Today I taught Emily how to prepare rice pudding, and added a healthy and summery flavour. I added fruits to make a fresh fruit sauce to present it in cups.  Each person gets a cup flavoured with their favourite fruit.  Emily loves mango, so she prepared a beautiful cup with mango sauce, and she toped it with fresh strawberries and peaches.