Trump’s Birther accusations still empty – but now there’s a reward

Matt Coutts
Daily Brew

Hey, waddayaknow? A Donald Trump announcement that didn't live up to its over-the-top hype.

Trump, the master of overstatement, announced earlier this week that he would unveil a major revelation — bordering on gigantic — about U.S. President Barack Obama that could change the presidential election.

The payoff was a bit of a bummer. No smoking gun, no smudged birth certificate. Only a promise to donate $5 million to a charity if Obama released his college records and passport applications.

"President Obama is the least-transparent president in the history of our country. There has never been anything like it," Trump began his announcement on YouTube. "We know very little about our president."

Trump is the combed-over face of the Birther Movement, and boasts in the video that he forced Obama to release his long-form birth certificate… or whatever it was.

Now, Trump appears to be targeting the speculation that Obama's college records were sealed by a court order.

Conspiracy theories swirled ahead of Trumps announcement, with many reports suggesting he was going to release divorce papers allegedly prepared on behalf of Michelle Obama.

The reaction on Twitter was less than impressed:

Where would Donald Trump get $5 million? Who would lend it to him? - Roger Simon@politicoroger

Wow. Donald Trump. Wow. He's like an allergic, confused dog flying a helicopter. - Emma Kennedy@EmmaK67

I've inspected Trump's records at the Wharton School and I can report he had fairly good attendance, majoring in wankery. - Chris Dashiell@cdashiell

"Okay, how about $2.5 million for some of President Obama's drunk college photos?" - Donald Trump, next week - Brendan Hay@B_Hay

Donald Trump promised the world a major announcement and he didn't disappoint, revealing once and for all that he is an egomaniacal blowhard with a lot of money.