Will ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ be Abhishek’s silver lining?

First Cut

'Dum Maaro Dum' has managed to create a lot of pre-release buzz. First it was the remake of the cult song — 'Dum Maaro Dum'; later the people of Goa were upset with the filmmakers for allegedly portraying them negatively, thankfully that has been put to rest before the film's release this Friday. The essential question however is whether the film will live up to the hype? And more specifically- will this film finally break Abhishek's jinx?

While at a recent press conference Abhishek appeared quite defensive, the Indian Express article says, "Moot the topic of his string of flops and a negative article in a certain national magazine and the actor retorts, "it does have a huge effect" it kills the confidence, it's embarrassing and degrading, but it makes me strike back too. Also, every five years some magazine or the other writes off a star, before me, they did the same to Hrithik Roshan, and we prove them wrong all the time."

Well, if he's preparing to strike back, it will be a welcome break from the sleepwalking we have seen in all his recent projects. It is difficult to imagine that Abhishek had shown some sparks of brilliance when he had played the conflicted yet endearing Lallan Singh in 'Yuva' or the imposing yet flawed Gurukant Desai in 'Guru' or the sharp and manipulative Shankar in 'Sarkar'. Mani Ratnam's 'Raavan' was one of the most awaited films last year but Abhishek just failed to essay the layered character of Beera. He wore everything from soot to mud and even turmeric to appear dark and dangerous but nothing could mask his total ineptitude as an actor. Even in his latest outing 'Game', he alternated between a maximum of one-a-half expressions while playing the suave casino owner, a cool cop or when mourning his dead girlfriend.

Well, here's hoping that Abhishek realizes that just the Bachchan name isn't going to be enough and it's about time that he got his act together.

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