Why every Bollywood hero wants to save the day?

Kunal Guha

A lot of noise surrounded Salman Khan refusing 6 crores from a security agency to wrap himself in his own security guard's uniform in his latest, "Bodyguard".  Then we heard that Nana Patekar will soon appear in his favourite (and most tried and tested) avatar in the movie, "Shagird"- an unconventional cop who gets mashed amidst the nexus of politicians and gangsters (Ab Tak Pachpan?).

But the underlying message that we read here is that our macho-men of Bollywood love exercising their testosterone on vigilante roles. Policing law-breakers and throwing punches at baddies not only puts them on a pedestal but also carves a much amiable image among their fans. Something that can hardly be achieved by playing the mushy boy-next-door, romancing atop Swiss Alps in designer sweaters. But what about the fearless action hero is so appealing that every actor can't wait to strap a cape around their neck? Let's draw up a list of possible merits of playing a numero uno crime-buster.

1. You get a chance to be too cool for school like Robinhood Pandey, a cop with immense potential to be a standup. Once age catches up, you could atleast figure in comic character roles having tickled bellies over time.

2. You get to indulge in mindless action sequences that defy physics, tweak the nose of biology and make history like the great Rajnikant in Robot.

3. If you can manage to empathize with real events, it instantly strikes a chord with those who feel for the same cause. Point of fact, Ajay Devgn as a CBI officer investigating honour killings in Aakrosh. Critics choice for the best actor in accumulating maximum sympathy with minimum expression goes to...

4. There's just something about the uniform that adds to the character. A direct chain of thought translates to clichéd adjectives like 'savior of truth' and 'guardian of rights'. But you don't necessarily need to be a cop to do that. You could just showcase your bravado by saving your lead actress from getting raped by indulging in a tedious fight sequence. The secret mantra is: win your girl, the audience will follow.