‘Motormouth Mallika’ makes sweeping statements

Sayoni Sinha
Heard This

What was Mallika Sherawat thinking while making such statements at the Cannes Film Festival? Was it a quick way to cosy up to the international media?

Two days after Mallika Sherawat made the sweeping statements about India being a regressive society and the plight of Indian women is depressing; she is on a damage control mode. Her twitter handle which goes by @MallikaLA (What better way to show off her non-existent International status) says, “ I said Whats happening to women in India is regressive and depressing and I stand by it # RAPE”.

In an interview to the online edition of Variety edition, Mallika, with her fake accent emphasized why she has made a ‘conscious decision’ to divide her time between Los Angeles and India. No, she didn’t talk about her non-existent Bollywood career or the fact that no producer is casting her. As she rolled her eyes and lips simultaneously to work on her fake Aamerican accent (so much so that she forgets to accent each word during the interview), she says, "I made a conscious decision to divide my time between Los Angeles, America and India. So, now when I experience that social freedom in America and when I go back to India which is so regressive for women... It’s really depressing too see that as independent women.”

It is surprising how Mallika Sherawat is a permanent fixture on the Cannes Film Festival scene with no brand endorsing her nor any big production house backing her. She, sources claim, has a strong PR machinery at work who get her invited to the happening parties and get her clicked with big shots (last year was Antonio Banderas and the stories of his attraction for her continued even after the festival).

This year she is promoting her biopic ‘Dirty Politics’ and even managed to get interviewed by Variety’s Steve Gaydos at The Variety Studio. When asked about her role in the film, Mallika (in her fake accent) says, “It’s about the story of a woman who gets involved with a politician. It was not her who scandalized society. India is such a hypocritical society where women are really at the bottom of society compared to men. And here was this woman who actually had the courage to stand up to this politician who kind of raped her, molested her, abused her and record his misgivings and release it to the press. You don’t do that in a country like India.”

But she didn’t just stop there. Calling herself the first to kiss on-screen, Mallika misplaced sense of rebellion showed how ill-informed she is about the Indian Film Industry which celebrated 100 years of cinema. "I was the first actor in India to kiss on-screen and wear a bikini. Imagine in this 21st century... Instantly I became a fallen woman and a superstar at the same time because there is a moral code about what a leading lady can do on-screen and what she cannot do." Perhaps a little homework before making such statements is not a bad thing. Eh! Mallika?