Beauty facts! Did you know?

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Q) Foundation makes the peach fuzz on my face look so obvious. What's the deal?
A) "Most of us blend foundation in circles, which lifts fine facial hair, making them more noticeable," says make-up pro Mally Roncal. To flatten fuzz, use a foundation brush to apply your base in downward strokes, or use your fingers to apply in the same motion, flattering tiny hairs.

Q) My legs are so dry. Can I still shave them?
A) Yes, just use a creamy body wash first, then defuzz with a fresh blade (to nix irritation) and shaving cream to cushion and protect cracked skin, says Jeffrey Benabio, a dermatologist in San Diego.

Q) Can a cold infect my lipsticks and lip balms?
A) Yes-and repeat contact can even prolong a cough. Use lip pots instead of sticks, which touch your lips during application (oh, and do sanitise first).

Content courtesy: Cosmopolitan