Ileana’s fashion fetish!

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What are Ileana's style favourites? "I have stuff from all over the place, she says, enthusiastically.”I'm a big bargainer, and am not very brand-conscious, so I'll buy whatever's good. I look for pieces that are clean, understated, and classy. Very simple. Something that fits really well. That's all." No prompting needed, Ileana moves on to shoes... "I have so many things in my closet, and I'm very attached to my shoes...I have about 70 pairs, not 300 or 400. I've heard of people who have 400 pairs of shoes and I don't understand where they keep them...I have a tough time keeping 70 pairs." And we go back to clothes... "With clothes, it's the fit that I'm very particular about. I think every woman must own a pair of well fitted denims," she says, stressing on 'must'!

Content courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Photo credit: Yogen Shah