Nauheed, the fashionista

Nauheed Cyrusi
Style Factor29 October 2012

Film and Television personality Nauheed Cyrusi has joined the Style Factor family! She'll bring you the latest from the world of style and fashion via the Style Factor webisodes and her blog.

Many a people find comfort in various things in life. For some, it's food, some in music, some in work.

I, for one, find my comfort in FASHION. Fashion is a complete state of mind for me. You'll be able to tell if I'm glum or sparky from the way I dress and the colours I choose. While I do follow trends, I try and make a statement in my own little way. Like I always wear one single earring when I go out and not the pair. Why? I'm not one to follow any rules in fashion. I believe it's a freedom of expression and no one should be allowed to cramp yours.

I also believe it's extremely important to accessorize and for me my most favourite accessory is my LIPSTICK! I loveeee experimenting with my make-up and do tend to go a little loud with the colour on my mouth! Also my hair and I try and cut or tie them up as and when I feel like just to make it funky.

Even when I was in school and college, while the rest of the world around me went to stores and shopped, I'd have my sister design clothes for me and I'd get them tailor made. It would also sometimes work better on the pocket — when you're working on pocket money provided by your parents. :P

I've decided to share some photos of myself at events, to give you an idea of what fashion choices a girl on the go has to make! Maybe it will help you get ideas as well when dressing yourself up :)

At the launch of the first ever Diesel store in India! The brand is soooo edgy, so I tried on a waist belt, as opposed to carrying a bag.

I go through these phases and this party was one of those where I felt veryyyy girly girl-like and so decided to put on an outfit that fit my curves well.

Book Launches for me are always about sitting down with a coffee n wait after the media has dispersed and read the book from cover to cover! And so casual is always the way to go. I just teamed it up with heels to add that punch it needed.

Liv club opening: A night club opening is all about the glitz n glamour etc so I curled my hair but kept the outfit fitting well yet super simple in case I felt like busting a few moves there... hehehe :)

I'm at a designer store opening. The place carries the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Hugo Boss, etc, so I needed to glam up a wee bit for this one!

Me at the premier of "The Dark Knight Returns" and it was literally a movie night!

The wave function is all about the industry and with the likes of Madhuri Dixit walking in I decided to go a little different by wearing a sari as opposed to the usual non traditional wear, like dresses or pants etc...

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