The sexy side part

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Bored of your regular hair style? Want to try something new? We bring three fab ways to wear the sexy side part.

Take your cue from side-part queen Sonakshi Sinha, who's donning our first look...

Sexy Waves:
A side-parting will work best if you have a natural cowlick (your hair parts to each side on your forehead without a fringe). Use hot rollers to get a soft and cascading effect. Try curling tongs or a straightener for a defined look, which will work with lengths above the shoulder. Pin your curls up and let them cool naturally.

Flirty Plait:
Start by making a side part and braid your hair loosely, right below the ear lobe. Braid your hair at an angle so that it sweeps from one side of the neck to the other. Make the knots tighter as you go down. For a tousled flirty look, rub the plait to loosen some strands.

Poker Straight:
Use a fine tooth comb to create a part that is one to two inches closer to your ear. Blow-dry your hair smooth. Use the nozzle of your hair dryer to aim air down the hair shaft. Want the straightness to last longer? Style small sections at a time for a really sleek result.

Content Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Photo Credit: Getty Images