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Style Factor14 January 2013

Q) What are the upcoming trends this year? Can one continue wearing reds?

A) Darker shades and intense make-up were the popular Autumn-Winter trends last year. While red lips are still trendy, there are several shades of the hue one can try. This year, we also have fresh hues for flushed cheeks.

On international ramps, inspiration boards featured rouge lip colours pulled out of vanity kits from long ago. There are also futuristic glittery eye accents, timeless natural tones and smokey shadows and liners done in fresh ways. Pastel colours are in but not the usual baby pinks, blues or yellows.

Try soft mauves, light onion pinks, light aqua, grey jade and pista green.

Well Lined Eyes: The familiar flick of a liner to the outer corners of the eyes comes back with a playful variation. Instead of last season's dual colour trend, apply only one eye shadow with shimmer, on the upper lid. To complete the look, the lashes have to be really long.

Use two to three coats of a lengthening mascara. If you fancy long lashes, try extensions which last for up to three weeks.
Flushed Cheeks: Beauty trends in the coming months will not focus on using make-up to contour the face but rather have a spot of fresh colours on the cheeks. Use bright pinks or corals with a Kabuki or a rounded blusher brush in circular motion right on the happy area of the cheeks. The other easy options are cheek tints or creamy blushers that are easy to apply and lend a good finish.
Dramatic Reds: Lipstick's most iconic colour was reinvented this season, showing us endless ways to wear a dramatic red. Be it metallic crimson, pop-art red, dark chocolate red, vermilion or red velvet, it's a great time to go for rouge. It's not just the colour but bee-stung, full lips which will complement the look. If you're up to it, try a lip plumper or collagen filled lip colours or go natural with clove-filled lip enhancers in pink and mauve.

Content courtesy: Prevention

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