Star struck! Nauheed in awe of Aamir Khan

Nauheed Cyrusi
Style Factor

My earliest memory Aamir Khan involves sitting in a cinema hall, goose bumps and giggles. I’ve been an ardent fan of his ever since Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak hit screens. Years later, I started doing commercials and slowly inched my way into the film industry as well, and every single interview I did, I always expressed my desire to work with the man. And looks like fate was listening as not only have I landed the biggest campaign of the year but I’m told I’m shooting it with AAMIR KHAN!

I didn’t know how to react, I was so happy I went numb in my face. Then within a week the day dawned and I’ve obviously not slept at all the night before in sheer excitement. I land up on set like a giddy headed school girl, totally out of character. I get on set to rehearsals and in walks the man himself (sigh). He was everything I’d imagined him to be and so so so much more.

By far one of the most gracious, kind, humble and most importantly one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He was such a thorough professional…9 am shifts meant 9 am shifts! Also, much against what people say that he interferes in the script etc, it’s in fact just the opposite. He would speak when necessary and just make logical sense to make the scene more believable. I would do these commercials all over again even though they involved waking up at 5 am every single morning for an entire week (yawn)!

I also realized he makes a very pretty chick! He he he… don’t you think so? And he knows a lot about women, the way we talk, walk, act, tiny nuances that made him ever so cute.

Pssst: He had to wear fake nails that I think he detested them considering they kept falling off ever so often.

All in all I loved shooting with him! The man is a legend for me and I can’t wait to start shooting some more commercials with him and who knows maybe films too!