Summer love with Nauheed

Nauheed Cyrusi
Style Factor

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I love summer! Yes it can get pretty hot, muggy and sticky specially if you’re in a city like Bombay. But this is that fabulous time of the year when you can go crazy experimenting with colors and short clothes and pretend like life’s one big fat beach party! However, if you’re not careful you can also end up looking like a shriveled prawn. So here are my tips on how to breeze through summer looking like a million bucks.


This is a must! Never ever underestimate the importance of sunscreen specially when stepping outdoors. Any crème with an SPF 15 will also do the job and keep your skin protected from the awful summer sun. Those of you who prefer to give the sunscreen a miss might end up with a higher level of pigmentation down the years. So if you want great skin for life the time to start taking care is now!

Lip balm:

Your lips need as much protection as your skin so a lip balm is an absolute must. Any petroleum free lip balm is good since its helps protect your lips and maintain their natural color as well. Balms with petroleum jelly are in fact harmful since I’ve noticed my lips get even drier when I apply them. So to prevent your lips from chapping don’t forget to moisturize them with a bit of petroleum free lip balm. My personal favorite…bees wax.

Since we’re on the topic of moisturizing, it is MOST important to stay hydrated! Hence you will never find me without a handy bottle of water. It is an absolute must to keep a bottle in your handbag just in case you are parched or feeling faint ... which brings me to my next summer essential


I always carry a tiny bag of candy in my handbag. Sometimes the ridiculous heat ends up sapping all your energy and you end up feeling dizzy and lethargic. The only thing I’ve noticed that seems to revive me is if popping something sweet. So take it from me and always carry something sweet in your bag as well

Face mist:

These face mists are miracle workers in a tiny little bottle. So if they’re available in your city I recommend that you immediately stock up! But careful not to spray too much since that would make you tan faster.

A bright orange lipstick:

Nothing goes better with summer more than a bright orange mouth. This is the time to experiment with different lip colours but go easy on the eye make-up. That tends to run easily thanks to sweating. So do up your lips and chill out on the eyes.

Perfumes or deodorants :

Lastly and most importantly always keep a deodorant or perfume handy. It is almost mandatory to smell lovely at any given time in the day so don’t forget to stock up on your favorite fragrance.

Do let me if you have any tips for a great summer…I would love to hear about them. Until next time...stay fresh and fabulous!