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Nauheed Cyrusi
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My idea of stylish and powerful women might shock you a bit and then at the same time might make you go 'meh’. But these are women who have truly inspired me and this International Women’s Day I’d like share my list with you.

Let me start with the weirdest and the most outrageous of them all. She’s a super duper powerful woman.

Here’s an artist who created a name for herself exploding on the scene with some awesome music but more so exploded with her outrageous outfits. Through it all I think her story is incredible and she needs to be commended for her care-a-hang attitude and her belief in herself. If there's one thing I take away from her it’s her absolute incredible self belief and her unstoppable persona.

This is one lady who has left a mark for posterity. While we make fun of beauty queens always bringing up her name, if you dig deeper and actually think about how this woman did what she did, it’s something I can't fathom. She truly was a saint in every sense of the word and I salute her

If there's a woman who epitomized glamour - Miss Monroe was it! She broke all norms and came out there flaunting all she had. And not too many people know of her tragic family history where she was abused by her father, but keeping that aside she got out there and proved herself a woman of substance and hushed all of those who treated her as a nobody.

A small town woman, a mother, an Olympic medalist…need I say more? She proved that you don't need to have an expensive training to go all the way. Mary struggled her way through and went all the way to the top, making India proud and giving us a name in the boxing circuit. How she managed to raise children and pursue her passion and be there for her family is beyond me and I wish I could have an ounce of her determination.

Lastly as cliché as this sounds but MY MOTHER, my EVERYTHING! This woman has made me everything I am today. She’s worked days and spent nights at end making sure I come out with distinction at school and college. My mother gave up her life to raise my sister and me and if I may say so did a very fine job of it.

I honestly pray I turn out a teeny tiny bit like her every day of my life. Her positive attitude and love for life is an inspiration and I dedicate woman’s day entirely to her, my mother!