2015 Hyundai Genesis teases European-style performance


In today's age, many automakers ship its newest, sportiest creations to the famed Nurburgring racetrack. Then, if the car performs well, the PR folk will brag about its accomplishments. Even Hyundai is doing it.

Yes, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis has been around the Nurburgring. That's a long way from Korea.

But do we really care? No, not particularly. It's a status symbol designed to spice up a press release. With the 2015 Genesis, we're more interested in how it how it handles itself in the real-world, not on a revered racetrack -- although the Korean automaker's apparent focus on its European competitors can only spell good signs; Hyundai utilized a BMW 5-Series for back-to-back testing.

The teaser photos released by Hyundai of the 2015 Genesis arrives to promote the car's domestic reveal at the Korean auto show, and before its mainstream debut in Detroit next year. It looks rather good, too, borrowing styling cues from the HCD-14 concept, creating an elegant and sleek demeanor. Hyundai promise a much stiffer platform with 'electronic control suspension' and a better weight distribution, leading to improved, European-style handling. The automaker's HTRAC all-wheel drive system will also debut on the new Genesis as an option from the standard rear-wheel drive platform. Engine specifications aren't yet available, but expect a V-6 and V-8.

For Hyundai, perhaps things are looking up? But being taken seriously in the competitive luxury/sports sedan segment is a tough bar to meet. We'll know more when we get behind the wheel of the new Genesis sometime around the middle of next year. Until then, we'll await the next bout of cars bragging about lapping the 'Ring.