July 1: Last Ford Thunderbird produced on this date in 2005


Beginning production in 1955 as Ford's answer to the Chevrolet Corvette - the first American sports car - the Ford Thunderbird became an instant success. John F.Kennedy included 50 Thunderbirds in his 1961 inaugural procession, and even the Beach Boys gave the Thunderbird a mention in their hit song "Fun Fun Fun" in 1964. Sales remained strong until the 1990s, but by 1997, the Thunderbird was no more, due to a steady decline in the car's allure. In 2002, however, the T-Bird was resurrected, boasting a nostalgic flair from its original predecessor. While initial sales proved promising, by 2005, Ford ceased production, as sales, again, began to slip. The last Ford Thunderbird was produced on this date - July 1 - that very same year. Attempting to restore a classic based on nostalgia alone seldom works past the short term, but watching the 1956 Ford Thunderbird commercial below, it's easy to see why Ford gave it a shot.