July 9: The final Chrysler PT Cruiser rolls forth on this date in 2010


On this date just two years ago, a fresh-from-bankruptcy Chrysler built its final Chrysler PT Cruiser after a decade in production and more than 1 million copies sold. By then, years of engineering neglect had turned success to tragedy and finally comedy, with the PT Cruiser's most visible role in its waning years as the rolling punchline of choice for The Michael Scott Paper Company. That's a far cry from its launch in 2000, when booming demand meant dealers were charging a few thousand dollars more than sticker price, and its design sparked several other retro-styled vehicles. The Cruiser will likely never be a collectible, which frees its fans to use it as a canvas — such as in the case below, where one builder has performed a stealth engine upgrade with another piece of Chrysler engineering.