Meet “Twice Blown,” the 2,500-hp, twin-engine hot rod that needs a home


Any hot rodder can stuff a big engine in a small car and call it a day. But how about one with two engines, each one as powerful as a Bugatti Veyron? Say hello to 'Twice Blown', the 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery pushing 2,500 hp. She can be yours for a mere $209,900.

For sale in Grand Rapids, Mich., Twice Blown is ready to race, even fitted with two large parachutes at the back. However, despite appearances, it's never actually seen a drag strip during competition. Its spent most of its life in a trailer visiting various shows, winning first place at the Detroit Autorama and Car of the Year at the Cavalcade Wheels show in South Bend, Ind.

Hopefully its next owner decides to open the taps.

And what large taps they are. The two engines are identical 9.4-liter HEMIs boasting 1,250 hp each. They remain independent from one another, each with their own fuel system, starter motor, radiator, alternator and computer systems. Power is channeled through a 2-speed manual transmission, featuring a fan-controlled cooler. The diff is a Mosier Dana 60 with a 3.54 ratio, Detroit locker, and 35 spline axles.

And it comes with not one, but two nitrous setups. Because of course it does.

For $209,900, it's not cheap. But when you consider the power you're getting, compared to million-dollar Veyrons and Venom GTs, it's a steal. And best of all, it's street legal, meaning you can take it to the grocery store. However, parking may be an issue, and its 16 exhaust pipes might wake the neighbors. Unlike the Veyron, it also has no guarantee that it can go full throttle more than once without exploding in a ball of hot steel. And it lacks a cup holder.

Nope. No deal. What's a 2,500 hp hot rod without a place to store your Big Gulp?

Photo: Classic Cars