Watch Tanner Foust run the Ford SVT Raptor around the Nürburgring

Motoramic8 March 2013

The answer to the question asked last year — "What is Tanner Foust doing running a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor around the Nürburgring?" — has finally arrived in this video showing snippets of the laps. Foust says he and Ford did for the same reason George Mallory gave for climbing Mount Everest — because they were there — and who else is going to take a 411-hp, 6,100-lb. truck around Germany's most famous and technically demanding track?

As the video shows, Foust used all of the track and then some; unofficially, the Raptor managed a time of 9 minutes and 48 seconds, but no one was apparently measuring with precison. (The truck's also limited to 100 mph, but Foust apparently passed a few Porsches.) Next time, they should let Sabine Schmitz take a turn behind the wheel, or use the Raptor's full potential and just cut through the middle.

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