Don 2 review

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Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Lara Dutta, Om Puri, Kunal Kapoor

Directed by Farhan Akhtar

Rating: **

The Don franchise is back in all its stammering, self-praising and lopsided grinning glory. Living up to its prequel, this one is high on slick quotient and has many meticulously choreographed stunts. The only grouse: Don has become cockier than ever and loves rambling lines that narrate his characteristic traits in third person- 'Don ke dushmano ko…' Yawn.

We begin with a voiceover by the man himself who is now the A-PAC head of drug retailing and wholesaling and wants to spread his distribution channels across Europe. In doing so, he has to help his old enemy, Vardhaan (Boman Irani) escape from a prison in Kuala Lumpur. So Don stages his own arrest by surrendering at the KL Interpol office to the delightfully dumb investigators Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and her boss Malik (Om Puri). Soon, Don and Vardhaan have forgotten the incidents that occurred in the prequel and are plotting a major heist in icy Berlin.

And before you think that Don has outdone one and all, the Interpol in Germany informs the Kuala Lumpur office that Don and Vardhaan have been spotted in Zurich. And though no visible spots are seen on either of the gangsters, Roma and Malik are in their woolies trotting about in Berlin in the next scene. No global gangster movie is complete without a car chase, a silly disguise (a Hrithik Roshan mask!) and a few explosions here and there; so that is exactly what follows.

There are many mysteries in 'Don 2' that could leave you stumped beyond reason. Like, why does a mastermind evil genius who is wanted across the globe personally pick up his drug consignments? Lack of trust in his aides or is he just a humble man of the soil? Also, when Don walks out of a hostage situation carrying a wounded Roma in his arms, Roma's boss casually enquires, "Kya hua Roma ko?" What does he expect for an answer? Upset stomach?

While SRK's looks offer prominent signs of ageing, his acting prowess seems to be doing a Benjamin Button. Unless of course, cackling about one's might and monstrosity is Bollywood's formula for a super villain. Boman Irani is known for his razor sharp expressions but this is a first where he seems to be a bit lost about when to let out which one. Priyanka Chopra is barely there and quite rightfully so as she doesn't really foil Don's plans or do anything that would make the audience excited or anxious. Lara Dutta is perfectly sassy in all her cereal goodness and manages her part with practiced ease and confidence.

For a movie that rocks in grandeur and style, Don 2 has the logical reasoning of a 'Golmaal 5'. There's a part in the movie where Don actually convinces the German intelligence and the Interpol that he's working for them and they buy it. The verdict: The Badshah of bragging and the king of the hamming is the same person and he's out there in multiplexes waiting to con you off your money. The only way to outfox him, wait for a satellite release.

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