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In Kabir Khan's 'Ek Tha Tiger' Jason Bourne meets Chulbul Pandey. Kabir's protagonist tries to tread the fine line where an undercover RAW agent, who by definition needs to maintain a low profile, has to also appeal to the masses. The big challenge for the director was to find a way of resolving this dichotomy and capitalizing on the 'Salmantricks'.

The premise is simple enough: India's top spy goes by the name Tiger (Salman Khan) and though few know his real name, they all known of his daredevilry and grit. He is sent to Ireland on a relatively harmless mission where he meets Zoya (Katrina Kaif) and promptly falls in love with her. However, in their world of dark secrets, multiple identities and impending threats, there is no space for love and emotions. Tiger and Zoya's love story follows a predictable trajectory where they must run and hide to exotic locales so that they eventually become untraceable.

Salman's entry and the Matrix-ishtyle fight sequences in the very first scene were applauded but except a few action scenes there was little to cheer about. RAW Agent Tiger was just very tame compared to the Dabangg Khan we know. The reason we love Salman Khan's films is because our hero is completely unapologetic about his Dabanggiri and packs in the punch with his characteristic style. Salman as the suited, booted RAW Agent is incapable of indulging his fans in a way that Chulbul Pandey (Dabangg) or a Rajveer Shekhawat (Wanted) could do.

Salman and Katrina's professional comeback was a topic of much discussion. There was a lot of gossip about how Salman and Katrina disagreed on many things during the making of the film, including the length of Kat's skirt. Was there still underlying attraction between the ex-lovers? Zero chemistry between the lead couple fails to spice-up this espionage saga. Neither the music nor the choreography contributes much to the film. Ranvir Shorey proves he is dependable even in a cameo.

Salman's die-hard fans will definitely love the action bits and ensure that the film is a success. As a spy story it is definitely better than 'Agent Vinod'; as a Salman Khan movie, we have seen much better.

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