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Kunal Kohli's 'Teri Meri Kahaani' is a breezy romantic comedy which makes for an effortless watch. After a futile attempt at serious storytelling (Fanaa) and a vain shot at originality (Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic), Kohli's latest film is a simple tale, which works mainly because it is so mediocre that you don't need to give it much thought.

Like the promos have made it abundantly clear, the film is about love in three different eras and fortunately for us, the fact that the lead roles in the three stories are played by the same actors is purely coincidental and it is not a rebirth saga.

In 1910, Javed (Shahid), a compulsive flirt falls for Aradhana (Priyanka), a freedom fighter's daughter. He gets jailed to impress her but her father plays spoilsport. In 1960, a struggling musician, Govind (Shahid), arrives in Bombay with dreams of making it big in the film industry. He falls for the famous heroine Rukhsar (Priyanka), who is equally smitten but her best friend also is also in love with Govind. In 2012, Krishna (Shahid), bumps into Radha (Priyanka), immediately after his split with his previous girlfriend and they immediately feel the vibe. However, just when Radha is as sure of Krish as her "purani jeans", she feels betrayed because he hooked up with her within hours of his break up.

Each premise is as vain as the other and there's almost zero chemistry between the ex-lovers (Priyanka and Shahid). Shahid does well as the flippant lover in each story; in fact, his Chaplinesque avatar (in 1960) is quite amusing. Except the backdrop of the changing times, there's very little that is different about the lead characters and therefore, playing the different rolescould hardly have been a challenge.

The Chopras and the Johars have trained the directors of the romantic genre well. There might be no novelty or brilliance in the storytelling but they always get the mise-en-scène spot on. "Teri Meri Kahaani" is definitely not as good as "Hum Tum" but is much better than Kohli's last few outings.

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